We. I. Us ... Me...

I am the artist.

The one who is needing to express myself.

I hope for the place of fertile soil,

a place of acceptance, love, appreciation.

Where I can be in myself and

yet feel the love of others around me.

I offer my art to others,

they are of the same mind and heart.

They speak of their feelings of

what my piece calls from

within them.

They offer me their words of themselves.

They offer with love one to another.

They are my friends, my family.

We have come together to create.

To create common ground at the 

edge of our world to the outer world.

We bridge into the outer world with our art;

together we present our offerings.

We share our creations with others,

offering the process

and part of ourselves to the ones that

appreciate what they are seeing.

As the heart of the piece

speaks to another.


(c) Dot Goodwin

Dot Goodwin is an Artist specializing in commissioned, one-of-a-kind art and original paintings and castings from her studio and gallery, The Artist Attic, located in Camden, South Carolina. You can find Dot's Art hanging in Galleries throughout the Midlands and around the world. 

© 2020 by Dot Goodwin

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